Why Choose Our Agency?

Why choose an agency?

We strive to provide you with unique and personalized experience. Working with our agency doesn’t mean you are letting go of the special relationship you create with your doula. We provide you as much personalized attention, communication and contact as you need and deserve.

For 20 years our founder Felicia Roche has offered individual and private client doula services and has cherished her many relationships cultivated and births attended during this time.

As the demands of teaching crept into her on-call availability she turned to a team of doulas to serve as backup to her clients in her off-call times. She was amazed at the commitment of her team to serve and support her clients (some of them had never met before the birth). She was also very impressed and interested to hear of her clients’ satisfaction with the backup provided. This was such a win-win!

Doulas are people too! They get tired, catch a cold, sprain an ankle, have a sick kid, a job that doesn’t allow them to step out for unlimited times and have life obligations like anyone else.

Shift work allows your birth doula and your birth to benefit from a fresh body, mind and spirit every 13 hours if it comes to that.

Why choose OUR agency?

  • Our doulas:  Have received training by the premier doula organization, DONA Int’l
  • Are in a community of doula peers and mentoring for optimal support for your labor
  • Receive ongoing education and professional support from our staff and educators
  • Work 13 hour shifts and you are guaranteed a fresh mind and body for however long your labor is

We offer:

  • Anytime phone contact with a Tier 4 + doula on shift for any questions/ concerns
  • Two group prenatal visits at our wellness center in SF’s Inner Richmond neighborhood where you:
  • You will meet other couples in the prenatal visits and can begin to build a community if you desire