Why Choose Our Agency?

Why choose an agency?

In the 20+ years that our founder Felicia Roche has been a doula and doula trainer the doula community has grown exponentially. There are a lot of variables regarding the quality of training a doula can receive, ethical accountability, mentoring and certification.

We have taken the guess work out of it for you and guarantee you a selection of the Bay Area’s most highly trained, mentored and ethical doulas available. Your doula is supported by a team of doula mentors and a ‘background office’ for professional guidance. You are guaranteed one of the Bay Area’s best doulas held to a very high code of ethics and standards of practice.

We set the bar very high for doula services and accountability. Not only in how that relates to the care you receive from her but also fostering positive interactions and relationships with the care providers in your birthing space.

Why choose OUR agency?

  • Our doulas:  Have received training by the premier doula organization, DONA Int’l
  • Are in a community of doula peers and mentoring for optimal support for your labor
  • Receive ongoing education and professional support from our staff and educators

We offer:

  • Two group prenatal visits at our wellness center in SF’s Inner Richmond neighborhood where you:
  • You will meet other couples in the prenatal visits and can begin to build a community if you desire