Postpartum Doula

Our Postpartum Services

Welcome to the 4th trimester and welcome to your village!

There are so many changes physically and emotionally that are going on in those first few weeks post birth with new parents and new baby.

At Bay Area Doula Association we have assembled some of the best postpartum doulas for your convenience and peace of mind. Our doulas will assist you in carrying out the caretaking of your baby as YOU define it in a non-judgemental way. The doula may make suggestions and YOU make decisions. We support and believe in ‘your way’. Help is a few clicks away. Click here to access our ‘village calendar’ book one night or a few and you’re well on your way to receiving support and connection.

We have created an easy to use calendar so that you can book your doula ‘day of’ or weeks in advance. We know sometimes  your support needs  happen suddenly and unexpectedly. And sometimes you have time to prepare. As your ‘village’ we’ve got you covered either way.

All of our doulas have attended a DONA Int’l postpartum doula training. Not only are they trained to the highest standard but they are passionate and LOVE the work they do and that is shared abundantly with your family.

DONA International is the world’s leader in training, certifying and supporting birth and postpartum doulas everywhere.

What a new parent needs

Yes, you need all of these things.  And we are here to help you get what you need and more.

Our goal at Bay Area Doula Association is to help you thrive and then some!

What do postpartum doulas offer?

The following information is provided by DONA International:

Our Postpartum Doula Fees

Work with one of our postpartum doulas will be scheduled in shifts. Explore the bios of some of our doulas to find someone that would be a good fit for you. Fees are as follows:


  • Daytime shifts available 7am-7pm with a minimum of 4 hours
  • $55 an hour for daytime postpartum support*


  • Overnight shifts are 8 hour shifts ranging from 10pm-6am or 11pm-7am
  • $55 an hour ($440 for the overnight shift 8 hour minimum)*

*A 2.9% charge per payment will be charged by Square when paying by credit card.

Please contact us to discuss schedule and fees.

Inquiry for Birth Doula Services

Inquiry for Services
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