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Meet Our Doulas

Our Founder

Felicia Roche, President

Felicia RocheFelicia has been a Certified Doula through DONA International since 1998. She has been a DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainer since 2002 and has trained hundreds of doulas in this time. Women travel from all over the world to attend her trainings.

In June of 2006 she became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. She created Bay Area Birth Education in 2016 to offer evidence based, relevant and positive childbirth classes to the birthing population. The classes have proven a huge benefit to the participants.

In January of 2000 Felicia was trained by the City of Berkeley as a Lactation Counselor to work with participants in the WIC program and encourage successful breastfeeding. She is also trained as a Newborn Massage Instructor from Baby’s First Massage.

Felicia has assisted over 1100 families during their labors and births and continues to make a difference for women at their births on a weekly basis. She has had the honor of serving as doula for several couples up to three times! She has successfully built strong professional alliances with many care providers and nurses at local hospitals.

Felicia also created the Working Women in Labor and In the Doula Spirit – two years in the making. Woven together with beautiful music, captivating photography and insightful interviews with couples and birthing leaders, the videos artfully illustrate the positive role that doulas play in birth.

She is the founder of Working Woman Productions and has created the Doula Client Contact Files (a file system for doulas to better organize and chart client information) which many new doulas build their doula business skills on.

In 2004, the Learning Annex in San Francisco contracted Felicia to teach a course titled “How to Start a Career as a Birth Doula.” The course was so successful that in the spring of 2005 Felicia presented the same topic for the Learning Annex in Sacramento.

She previously served as the executive director and publications coordinator for Birthways, a non-profit childbirth and pregnancy resources and referral center in the Bay Area.

Before finding her calling as a doula Felicia served for many years as a rape crisis counselor, joining women in trauma and guiding them through a heightened and volatile process. She was also a sex educator and lifeskills coach for Planned Parenthood, working with inner-city school kids.

Meet Our Doulas

Click on the tiers below to meet our wonderful team of doulas.  We will continue to add bios as our team grows.

Tier 1 (0-15 births)2019-05-30T20:57:13-07:00
Jennifer Light

Jennifer Light

Hi there. My name is Jennifer Light. My first experience providing childbirth support took place in 1995, when a friend asked me to be her birth coach for the delivery of her first child. It was a profound experience to witness this miracle and to see firsthand the incredible strength and fortitude required of the birthing mother.

Now more than ever, I am called to embark on this new chapter of my life, in the service of women as they welcome their newborn children into their families. I am currently working towards my certification as a Birth Doula with DONA (Doulas of North America).

In my spare time, I love to travel, play and hear live music, bake with my teenage daughter, and host game nights for my family & friends.

Shantel Watson

Shantel Watson

My name is Shantel Watson and I’m a proud mother of 4 beautiful children. I attended California culinary academy in San Francisco where I received an Associate’s Degree in culinary arts. I’ve always worked in the food industry, where I managed different cafe’s and catered for small parties and weddings. I’ve done big parties as well as small but nothing pulls at my heart like birth does. I’ve been apart of many births throughout the years, both with friends and family, and decided to make a career of it a year ago. During the birth of my last child I was alone and having gone through something so intense as birthing on my own, I decided to become a doula. It is my personal mission to have every client be as supported as possible. This by no means is a sad story. I had to endure that to really understand the concept of support! To just be there and be present in a moment that is as intense and as beautiful as the birth of a child. To be able to help mom and partner advocate for themselves in what’s best for them. Whether it’s taking a picture or holding a hand, whatever is needed, it is truly my pleasure to assist. I was trained by the fabulous Felicia Roche and am certifying through DONA international and am continuing my education in lactation counseling, aromatherapy, comforting touch, and post partum. I look forward to all the future families I get the pleasure of working with. Blessings to all.

Tier 2 (15-30 births)2019-05-22T05:21:23-07:00

More bios to be added soon.

Tier 3 (30-50 births)2019-05-22T05:30:52-07:00
Jourdan Sales

Jourdan Sales

Jourdan has been a birth doula since 2015, and also offers her assistance as a postpartum doula as well. She has trained under Felicia, and is always looking to further her knowledge of birth work. She is currently enrolling in the SFGH doula volunteer program. Jourdan has helped several families succeed in having a confident and positive birth experience. When Jourdan isn’t helping families with births, she works as a professional baby sitter. Her clientele consists of young children who she has watched from infants who continue to grow. She currently resides in Berkeley and is willing to travel around the bay to help families has a healthy and happy birth experience.

Tier 4 (50 births and up)2019-05-22T05:35:45-07:00
Gillian Gillette

Gillian Gillette

Gillian Gillette was trained as a doula and placenta encapsulator by Felicia Roche through Working Woman. Her experience with post-natal care was through both her experience with her two children (14, 9) and as lay educator and group leader through Mother’s Support Network in Sacramento. Gillian loves that birth and bonding is best explained through science and best experienced through love. In her spare time, she attends as much live theater as she can and reads as many books as possible.

Boutique (Doulas who have been to over 100 births)2019-05-22T06:30:20-07:00

Zoey Anderson, CD DONA

Zoey attended her first birth eleven years ago, and is a DONA International trained doula, mentored by Felicia Roche. Zoey is a Northern California native who grew up in the rural splendor of the Sierra Nevada Gold Country, and who brings her love of nature wherever she goes. Zoey is a mother and a wife, who brings her calm, reassuring presence and compassion to the birthing space. Zoey has extensive experience and reading in lactation and nurture, and has a hands on approach, providing personalized, one-on-one comfort and support at all stages of pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum.
Judy Behr

Judy Behr, CD DONA

Judy has been a birth doula for 7 years and has most recently began offering postpartum doula services. She trained several years ago as a birth doula with Felicia Roche and in Judy’ words “That’s why I’m so good!” LOL!

She volunteers at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center helping families in birth who could not hire a doula. She is passionate about the cause.

Judy is also a Postpartum doula and newborn care specialist. She offers her clients day and overnight doula services and enjoys helping families adjust to their new lives with baby. Judy feels that birth is her life’s passion and she loves helping mamas and their families during birth and beyond. Whether you have Judy as your birth doula or afterwards to help assist you, and baby, heal and bond you couldn’t be in better hands!

Pamela Gerchow

Pamela Gerchow

Pamela is a DONA-certified birth doula practicing at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center where she also mentors and trains new doulas. She has worked with over 100 families during their births and provided doula labor support to hundreds more.

Outside of the hospital, she is a proud mother of three wonderful, adult children who all work in the public sector, and mom-in-law to their three exceptional spouses. She is also a grandmother of two adorable little boys. She enjoys baking and gardening. She loves all dogs but especially dachshunds.

She is excited to be a part of your journey!

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