Join Our Doula Team

The ideal Bay Area Doula Association candidate:

  • Has completed a DONA Approved Birth Doula Workshop and is working toward DONA certification or is DONA certified.

  • Is able to attend our ongoing educational courses, doula meetings and client prenatal meetings (on average 2-3 meetings per month).

  • Is prepared to mentor or be mentored. Mentoring is an essential part of our collective. Having a mentor in a more experienced tier is a requirement for tiers 1-3. Eventually as you move through the tiers you will also become a mentor to newer members of our collective. Community and mentoring are the core of our doula collective.

  • Has a strong desire to build and contribute to furthering the doula profession and mission of improving birth outcomes and creating positive birth experiences.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! We are excited to meet you and learn more about your passion for doula work. Here you will find more information on what joining our agency entails. Please read through the Prospective Member Info Guide before applying. This will answer many of your questions and help you determine if joining our agency is for you.

Doula Agency Benefits

The Benefits
(so many perks!)

  • Background office support
  • Inquiries and clients handed to you.
  • Creating a valuable and doula supportive network
  • Backup needs are handled inhouse and in team/tier.
  • Ongoing educational opportunities and
  • Mentoring 24/7
  • Pay based on market $$ for experience and skillset
  • Marketing and materials handled by us
  • Opportunity for group leadership with client group meetings
  • Contracts provided
  • Client payments are professionally handled by us and promptly paid to you
  • Bragging rights that you are part of our stellar doula team!

Doula Agency Eligibility Requirements

The Eligibility Requirements
(you have what it takes!)

Please note that ALL these requirements are in place to keep us compliant with the IRS and are there to help you create an ongoing and solid professional presence for your current and future self.

  • Trained by DONA Int’l
  • No prior experience necessary but helpful
  • Flexible schedule
  • Ability to get yourself in an our of hospitals or client houses all hours of the night and day
  • Everybody has a cell phone, right?!
  • Ability to follow through on your on call or scheduled client commitment
  • Attend agency and client group meetings and professional development courses offered through agency
  • Most of all you are dedicated and staunchly reliable
  • Have or are willing to obtain a business license (we are here to help you through the steps of acquiring one)
  • Obtain liability insurance (we have the resource available for you)
  • Exclusive to Postpartum doulas:
    • Ability to proceed with a background check
    • Current certification in Infant/Child CPR and First Aid by Red Cross or AHA
  • Now you’ve got what it takes to join our stellar doula team!

Doula Agency Process

The Process
(it’s not that hard!)

  • Fill out the online application
  • Submit your training certificates
  • Wait for an interview call for a week or follow up with us
  • Sign Independent Contractor Agreement and some office paperwork
  • Attend new doula orientation to learn about our goals, policies and procedures
  • We’ll connect you with a doula mentor
  • Cooperate with us for the background check
  • Provide us with a brief bio and a headshot for website
  • Enjoy the benefits of joining our stellar doula team!
Prospective Member Info Guide
Download our Prospective Member Info Guide

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Are you ready to move your mentoring and doula work further?

Birth Doula Application
Postpartum Doula Application

You can fill out the application here online or download the Bay Area Doula Association Doula Application here and fill it out, save it, and email it to our membership director at

After filling out the application, please email your resume and training certificates to our membership director at