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Our Birth Doula Services

Bay Area Doula Association offers 4 tiers of labor doula services.

We guarantee you will work with a highly trained, professional, ethical and accessible doula.

We have 4 tiers of doula experience levels.  At every tier level our doulas have shared ethical commitments and standards of professionalism and offer a consistent labor package for all families.

  • Your doula will have phone contact with you during early labor and join you when you decide it’s time; she will join you at your home or your place of birth (depending on your preference and labor progression).
  • Your doula will attend your labor continuously during her shift, joining you at home or where you are giving birth. She will provide physical comfort, emotional support, and information to so that you can make the right choice for your unique birth.
  • Your doula will help assist your partner and/or any other support people by offering unconditional support, a calming presence and guidance as you see applicable.
  • Your doula will assist you in establishing a rapport with your birth care providers by reminding them of your preferences, and helping you ask questions so that you can have the information you need to make decisions. We support your decisions fully.
  • Your doula will stay with you 1-2 hours post birth depending on your needs and will assist you in getting your newborn on the breast if it is possible and you so desire.
  • There is always a staff member or doula available to connect with if you have any questions or concerns – 24/7 support before, during and after.
  • There will be a follow up home visit post birth at the hospital or at your home with one of the doulas that attended your birth (if there was more than one shift) In this visit you can review your birth experience, transfer photos if any were taken, answer non-medical questions, assist with breastfeeding (within her scope of practice and skill set) and make appropriate referrals if needed.

Our Birth Doula Fees

The tiers and tier fees are based on a doula’s experience level. All of our doulas are DONA Int’l trained. Doulas in Tier 2 have completed the requirements for certification and are pursing certification through DONA.Tiers 3 and up are DONA certified. Our fees are as follows*:

*A 2.9% charge per payment will be charged by Square when paying by credit card.

Our agency is proud to offer some of the most experienced and trusted doulas in the Bay Area. Our doulas represent an abundance and depth of experience that includes hundreds of births and companion trainings and certifications. Explore the bios of some of our doulas to find someone that would be a good fit for you.

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