Bay Area Doula Association

Bay Area Doula Association is a team of trained and professional doulas who are committed to improving birth outcomes and creating positive birth experiences for the expectant families of the Bay Area.

Each doula on our team has taken a DONA Approved Birth Doula Workshop. Because of this high standard of training they understand and have agreed to a Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice that sets the bar for doulas. They receive ongoing education and mentoring available to them 24/7.

We know that the Bay Area has a wide range of income levels and lifestyles. We feel it is necessary and important to to offer the opportunity to work with a capable and trained doula that you can fit into your budget. Each tier offers the same quality of doula and consistent birth package.

And at the same time by offering shift work, in our tiers, we are able to provide an opportunity for women who have a passion for birth to fulfill their dream of working as a doula even if their lifestyle doesn’t always support that i.e., single moms, students, other full time employment, caretakers, etc.

We are dedicated to offering the most ethical, skilled and highly trained doulas in the Bay Area. We know there a lot of options for you to choose from in today’s bountiful market of doulas, and as a DONA Approved doula trainer for over 20 years Felicia has crossed paths with many of the doulas on the market today.

As you read the bios of our team (and it is ever changing) you will see that many of our doulas have additional qualifications and trainings that go beyond what we require.

A doula does not replace the medical support of your health care provider. If you are looking for a health care provider for your birth please contact us and we can offer some recommendations based on your unique needs.